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Try out the best Tattoo Aftercare made in Europe!


Sorry Mom Professional Tattoo Care is developed

with love in Denmark and 100% cruelty free.


Absolut Ink and our watercolor artist Skin Korpus

are proud to be in the range with other amazing Tattoo Artists

as an official Sorry Mom Ambassador for Luxembourg.


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Some advices for your appointment:

  • Make sure you are clean and fresh.
  • Don’t be stressed. Make sure to get plenty of rest the night before the appointment.
  • Have a substantial breakfast/lunch.
  • Do not drink coffee, alcohol or energy drinks 1 - 2 days before your appointment.
  • Don’t use any anesthetic cream – it is not recommended as it prevents the healing process.


Tattoo care:

  • Always wash hands thoroughly before applying the ointment.
  • Do not allow anyone to touch your tattoo until it has fully healed.
  • Remove the bandage maximum 12 hours after receiving the tattoo.
  • Gently clean with warm water and antiseptic soap.
  • Apply healing ointment (Sorry Mom Tattoo Care) many times a day until scabbing begins (about 10 days) and then 2/3 a day in a thin layer for 2/3 weeks.
  • Do not scratch the skin or crust that forms during healing.
  • Avoid bathing, swimming, solarium/sunbeds, and natural sun bathing, during the healing time for 1 month. We also advise to wear factor 50 sunblock after this period to protect your tattoo further.
  • Take care to cover the tattoo with cotton clothing. Avoid wool, nylon and other rough fabrics.
  • Respect your tattoo: we paid particular attention to it, however the final rendering also depends on the way you care for it.
  • After healing (about 1 month) do not hesitate to visit us to evaluate whether any tweaking or adjustments are in order.