#Guest Artist May 2019

Lokesh Verma (New Delhi, India)     20th-30th May 2019

We are honored to announce that the famous Lokesh Verma will be our Guest Artist in May 2019! India's first Award-winning, internationally experienced artist Lokesh is a veteran tattoo artist who was also one of the first people to start tattooing in India. Lokesh is a self-trained artist and travels all across the world to work at different shops and to attend tattoo conventions. 


Personally, Lokesh enjoys realistic tattooing the most and is specialised in Color and Black and grey.

(source: www.devilztattooz.com)

Eloy Rock (Alicante, Spain) 12th-15th June 2019

We are pleased to announce that the talented Eloy Rock will be our Guest Artist in June 2019! Tattoos did not come into his life by chance, he went out looking for it. The thing about getting his hands dirty always caught his attention. As a lover of Rock&Roll and its sound, the guitar is his inspiration and having it close to him guarantees moments of creation. The white sheet, the pencil, the tracing paper and the ink have become inseparable tools of his day to day. With them he transmits emotions, narrates stories and plasma experiences that are engraved on the skin. 


Personally, Eloy enjoys realistic tattoos in black and grey or colors.

(source: www.rocktattooart.es)